Infidelity in the blogosphere: my new site


Who would’ve thought the day would come where I’m customising widgets and adding content to a whole new blogging site? Not me. I was (and still am) totally committed to my first-born blog which resides over on Yet here I am, hosting a new site on WordPress with a new, defined theme. Why, you may ask?

First of all I should inform you that this blog has been set up as part of an assignment for a module in my course, Social Media. The task involves setting up a blog about an area or topic that interests you (hence why mine is about being LGBT) and to post as frequently as possible, using different forms of media (such as links to YouTube videos, online articles, etc.).

However, I would like you to know that this blog WILL NOT be all about my personal life, as the blog title may suggest. My reason for naming it “Life of an LGBT” is simply because it sounded catchier than something along the lines of “Information on Marriage Equality” or “Vote Yes in the Referendum”. Of course, it would not be an Olivia Dawson blog without the occasional rant here or there, but for the most part I will be posting information about the referendum and how organisations are campaigning for that all-important Yes vote.

Giving the blog a follow or a share would be much-appreciated, as I’m still finding my feet on this new website (I was a WordPress virgin until a matter of days ago). Also, pay little heed to the layout/visuals of the blog for now; that, too is a work in progress.

Until the next post,


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