Playing the campaign game: What have our colleges been doing so far?

We’re only six weeks away from the marriage referendum that will decide whether homosexual couples will be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples when they say their vows. It’s no surprise that this referendum, more than any other will depend on young people turning out to use their vote. That is of course, assuming most young people will vote yes.

One of the most effective ways of grabbing young students’ attention is through their college. Let’s face it, the majority of students don’t spend their Tuesday nights scrolling through articles on in search of information on the referendum. Nah, us students get most of our updates through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Most of us also happen to follow our college SU page. Made the connection yet?

If not, never fear; that was just a backwards way of saying that Students’ Union campaigns are probably the best method of getting students in the know before May 22nd. Which is why I am dedicating a whole blog post to the work colleges have been doing so far in the lead up to D-Day. Have a look at some of these videos to start with:

Trinity College Dublin SU

Dublin College University SU

University College Dublin SU

Many other college SUs are providing information on how to register to vote and why it is so important to use your vote.

For example, the University of Limerick has set up a UL Marriage Equality Facebook page. This page posts regular updates and statuses relating to the referendum campaign in the university.


Another excellent aspect to UL’s campaign is that students can now register to vote ON CAMPUS. Every week there will be Gardaí in the ULSU, available to stamp the registration forms and send them off for you.


However, UL is not to only college to show their support through Facebook pages:

IT Tallaght SU


University College Cork SU


NUI Galway SU


Maynooth University SU


Many other colleges across the country have postponed end of year exams to allow students to travel home and vote on May 22nd. This move, I believe, will go a long way in terms of voter turnout for the referendum.

So if you’re a college student and you still don’t know an awful lot about the referendum, get down to your Students’ Union and they’ll surely fill you in.

Time is ticking!


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